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About Czech Surfing


Our mission

The main goal of the Czech Surfing Association is to improve the level of Czech surfing.

We want to achieve this in particular by:

  1. uniting and activating Czech surfing community in the Czech Republic and abroad

  2. creating the necessary organizational structure and laying the legal foundations necessary to be able to use all available options to develop our sport in our conditions

  3. supporting the further education and specialization of Czech surfers

  4. approaching surfing not only as a lifestyle, but as a sport


Surfing is first and foremost fun for us


even though some of us make a living out of it, we are still aware of the level at which Czech surfing is when compared to the rest of the world. At the same time, it is a fact that surfing is experiencing a huge increase in popularity in the world and in our country, and with its inclusion in the Olympic Games and the development of new technologies of artificial waves, it will probably gradually come to the fore here as well. In addition, there are already parents among us whose children have been surfing since they were little, and we think it would be good to try to create the best possible conditions for them in the future.

Czech surfing community


was created and has for many years been shaped mainly by Czech surfhouses and surfcamps abroad and the Surfchamp competition, which has been considered the Czech and Slovak surfing championship for the past 15 years. The Czech Surfing Association follows up on this effort to improve the level of Czech surfing and aims to bring everyone together and move everything a little further together. At the same time, we know that there are many Czech surfers around the world who do not actively participate in the running of the Czech surfing community, even though they definitely have a lot to offer. We would like to give these surfers the opportunity to join our effort. 

Czech surfing has made a huge leap forward in the last few years


By establishing an Association, we do not want to create some bureaucratic monster in which we distribute functions and pat each other on the back. The goal is to create the necessary foundation for us to be able to use all available means that can help Czech surfing in its further development. We would like to support Czech surfers in specializing and trying to achieve the highest possible professionalism in various areas of surfing. We need trainers who will be able to perfectly explain the correct technique even to advanced surfers. We need someone who is well versed in the rules and will be able to judge and organize competitions, someone who will be an expert in water rescue, someone who will cover the events of world surfing and a surf journalist.

Surfing means something a little different to everyone


and even though many people associate it mainly with lifestyle, it is also a sport in which you can compete. At the same time, healthy rivalry is usually the best engine for improvement. Thanks to Surfchamp, the only competition for Czech surfers so far, we can compare our abilities with other competitors every year and be motivated to improve. That is also why we started organizing the Czech Surfing Tour, which aims to further deepen this motivation.

We need you!

As we said before, we try not to take this all too seriously, it needs to stay fun.

If you are interested in our vision and would like to help us, contact us, follow our social media profiles and get involved!

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