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Registration for the BERBER CUP is Open!

The Czech-Slovak Surfing Tour is heading to a new destination. This April, Czech and Slovak surfers will meet on the southern coast of Morocco for the fourth and penultimate event of this year's tour. Beyond the unforgettable atmosphere and the prospect of beautiful waves, which Morocco is well-known for, the participants can look forward to a diverse accompanying program. The competition is organized by the Slovak surf house SALAŠ.surf in collaboration with the Moroccan Royal Surf Federation and the Slovak Independent Surf Association. The leading partner is the Czech surf house, and the event has received official support from the Czech SURF and SUP Federation.

Basic information

Event location:

Sidi Ifni, Morocco


April 15th - April 20th, 2024 (Registration deadline: April 14th at 5:00 PM)


Competition director:

Róbert Šutek

Competition categories:

Men and Women Open (CZ&SK), Youth U22 and Junior U15 (international)

Entry fee:

60 € (Youth 8€, Junior 5€)

Register for the competition on the Liveheats website as soon as possible, preferably by April 10th. The absolute deadline for registration is April 14th at 5:00 PM local time.

The event program will kick off with a rider's meeting on Sunday, April 14th, at 7:30 PM at the Azul Ifni villa, which will serve as the main center for all participants throughout the following week. In addition to heat assignments and competition information, participants can enjoy a small evening refreshment consisting of traditional Moroccan dishes.

The main competition spot is the city beach in front of the Azul Ifni villa, featuring a mix of reef and beach breaks for the competitors. The backup spot is the right point break in the harbor.

In the main categories Men and Women Open, there will be no age restrictions for the surfers from Czechia and Slovakia. This year, the competition will include two junior categories, Youth U22 and Junior U15, open to youth from Morocco and other countries, thanks to the collaboration with the local surf community.

Special awards, ŠMAKOVEC BEST WAVE, and GORALTEX BEST WIPEOUT, will be presented at the end of the event, thanks to the competition partners.


As the competition heats start early in the morning and the exact location will depend on the conditions, it is recommended to take advantage of accommodation options offered directly by the competition organizer. All information regarding accommodation and the reservation form can be found at


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