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River Surf Tour 2022 - Brandýs nad Labem

The second stop of the Czech River Surf Tour 2022 took place in Brandýs nad Labem

The oldest wave in the Czech Republic in Brandýs nad Labem, run by, hosted the second stop of the first Czech River Surf Tour 2022.

A total of 12 competitors registered for the competition, including the best river surfers from the first tour stop in Roudnice nad Labem, and also 6 female riders.

Qualifying heats of the male surfers brought an expected result with all the competition favorites getting to the final. There, Janek Moleš was eager to defend his victory in the first tour competition. His training rides suggested that it was going to be a piece of cake, as he managed to land the dreaded acid drop from the surrounding concrete wall of a decent height. That brought him a loud ovation from the bystanding fans, and admiration from the present ladies. However, he played it a bit too safe during the competition, and after a few low-scored waves, he got clearly nervous and lost his confidence. His rivals took advantage of the situation and took control of the final. Michal Kucha, the second-best from the tour stop in Roudnice nad Labem, placed first. A promising youngster Radovan Jach placed second and Antonín Hybner with his smooth style defended the bronze medal from the previous tour stop. Kolya Manul skipped the helpless Janek Moleš with his last competition ride and he ended up fourth.

  • 1st place - Michal Kucha

  • 2nd place - Radovan Jach

  • 3rd place - Antonín Hybner

We saw a lot of new faces in the female category. A total of 6 riders were drawn to 2 qualifying heats. 4 surfers then competed in an exciting final where the last maneuvers were to decide the overall ranking. In the end, Petra Kumpánová scored better than Eliška Zaťková, one of the youngest competitors. Ronja Rejšek placed third and Nikola Svobodová fourth.

  • 1st place - Petra Kumpánová

  • 2nd place - Eliška Zaťková

  • 3rd place - Ronja Rejšek

River Surf Tour will culminate in less than two weeks with a competition in České Budějovice. You can find the current tour ranking here:


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