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RIVER SURF TOUR 2022 - Vlna Roudnice

The first stop of RIVER SURF TOUR 2022 took place on 16.7.2022 in Roudnice nad Labem.

Some competitors were already coming the day before and the last training sessions were held on the wave. In the morning, on the day of the competition, the slalom course manager tuned the wave to perfection using the gates. Around the wave there were still small organizational preparations. Klara Szilagyi brought delicious hummus and currant cake. This dish was freely available and until it was eaten it formed the centerpiece of the organizational staff. This consisted mainly of Antonín Hybner and Kuba Chamrád, who managed to organize the race in a very short time. After the wave was set up, the riders jumped into the water and started surfing and it was already quite obvious who would win the competition. It was Jan Moleš, who was ripping the wave on his board from Slovak shapers of the now non-existent Demon brand. The other positions were hard to predict.

The event started with the women's heat, which became the final due to the number of competitors. It was a thrilling fight and I think the judges Bohunka Kosová and Jiří Mayer worked up a good sweat. They rated the girls' rides as follows:

1st place Radka Černá (18 pts.)

2nd place Johana Marková (17 pts.)

3rd place Veronika Koubová (16 pts.)

The first and second rounds of the men followed. Four riders advanced to the finals. The first and second place finishers were quite obvious. However, the third position was defended by Antonín Hybner over Adam Bořil only with the last ride. There was also a fight for fifth to eighth place, as the results from Roudnice competition will count towards the overall tour.

1st place Jan Moleš (30,5 pts.)

2nd place Michal Kucha (26,5 pts.)

3rd place Antonín Hybner (26 points)

4th place Adam Bořil

5th place Ondra Skácel

6th place Kuba Chamrád

7. place Zdeňek Šatra

8th place Kolya Manul

More information about RIVER SURF TOUR 22 can be found in the section COMPETITIONS

Antonín Hybner


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