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Sri Lanka knows its champions

The Czech Surfing Tour continued with its third stop this week at SK Town Beach near the Sri Lankan town of Matara.

14 male and 14 female surfers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia came to Sri Lanka to compete. Among them were also the current leaders of the Tour David Lenc and Jana Kašová. Five days were allotted for the contest, but thanks to the great conditions all the heats were completed in three days.

Women's competition

Jana Kašová in the women's competition easily made it through to the final, where she was up against former Czech champion Lenka Oliva together with Alžběta Halušková and Klara Kovaříková. In the heat, in which the order changed frequently, Lenka Oliva had the upper hand for a long time, but in the end she allowed her biggest rival Jana Kašová to get a set wave and she used this opportunity and won her second victory in the Czech Cup. Lenka Oliva finished second ahead of third place Alžbieta Halušková.

Jana Kašová strengthened her position at the top of the Czech Surfing Tour with her victory ahead of second Alžběta Halušková and third Pavla Kuta.

Men's competition

The biggest favourite to win the men's competition, Jakub Michna, won his qualifying heat with ease and advanced straight to the semi-finals. There, however, he had unexpected difficulties and secured the second place only with the last wave just before the end of the semi-final heat. There was no shortage of twists and turns in the men's final. The former national champion, Matyáš Menšík, was still in first place with five minutes to go in the half-hour final. However, he failed to take advantage of one of the last set waves, which was used by both Jakub Michna, who moved into first place, and another finalist and reigning national champion, Otmar Oliva. In the end, Matyáš Menšík finished in third place ahead of Adam Svoboda.

Thanks to his second win in the Tour, Jakub Michna moved to the first place in the standings ahead of the current leader David Lenc. Timon Matěna, only 15 years old, is following him in third place.

Tour final

The Czech Surfing Cup will culminate in June at the traditional Czech and Slovak Surfing Championships in Seignosse, France

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